Terms of Use


TECNIFAR respects the privacy of the “visitors” of its websites and is committed to protect their personal data.  Mandatory nature.  By accessing and using the website, you agree and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of the personal information as described in this privacy statement.  


Description of the information that TECNIFAR can collect


1. Personal Data TECNIFAR shall merely collect personal identification data, such as full name, date of birth, full address, phone number and/or mobile phone number, tax payer number or email address, when these were voluntarily given to it on this website.


TECNIFAR, and/or the companies it hires, shall use such data to satisfy the information requests of the visitors and to improve our level of service and the content of our website.  At any time you can change your data directly on our website. You can furthermore contact us by phone or in writing to request the removal of your registry.


TECNIFAR shall be able to use, once or more, such date to better understand the information requests or to improve the products and services of TECNIFAR. Such data can also be used to contact the person involved.  


TECNIFAR shall not sell or by any other means transfer to any third parties the elements of personal information provided by the “visitors” of this website, accept if it informs the “visitor” accordingly when the data are provided to it.


The TECNIFAR website was not conceived, nor targeted at persons under the age of 18.

TECNIFAR does not collect identification data from persons of whom it, a priori, was aware of that their age was under 18 years old, without the explicit consent of the parents or caretakers.


2. Non-personal data TECNIFAR can also collect data in an aggregated form to record the total number of  “visitors”, the number of “visitors” per page and the server identification of the “visitors”, which shall not include however, any information regarding the personal identification of the “visitors”.


TECNIFAR shall use this information in an aggregated way, to understand how its visitors use the website, in order to improve the site and the services it offers.


Use of IP addresses An Internet (IP) address is a set of numbers that is automatically activated on your computer, whenever you log on your Internet server or through your local area network  (LAN) or through the wide area network (WAN).


The web servers automatically identify your computer by the IP address activated during a session online. 


TECNIFAR or third parties, acting on behalf of TECNIFAR, can collect IP addresses by way of the administration systems and to audit the use of the website. Generally, TECNIFAR does not connect the IP address of a user to the identifiable personal data of this user, which means that the user is anonymous. It merely uses the IP addresses to identify website users if such is necessary to reinforce compliance with the terms of use of the website or to protect the website or its users. 



Some TECNIFAR websites use the technology known as cookies. A cookie is an identification that a server gives to your browser when you access a website.

Cookies can store many different types of data.  Cookies give more functionality to the website or allow for the analysis of the use of the website with more precision. For example, a server can create a cookie to avoid that you have to use a password more than once, when you intend to “visit” one of the TECNIFAR websites.

In all situations in which cookies are used the personal identification data shall not be used without the explicit authorisation of the “visitor”. The only identifiable personal data that TECNIFAR may collect is the data voluntarily provided to it by the user.   The cookies can be accepted or declined. The majority of the servers automatically accept cookies but, in general, you can give instructions to your server to decline the cookies, or if you prefer you can receive a warning before the cookie is recorded on your computer.

Please consult the instructions of your server or help options to know more about these and other functionalities. Should you choose to decline cookies, you will never be able to fully access all the interactivity possibilities of this website or of other websites that you visit. How do we protect your personal data TECNIFAR is committed to the security of your personal data. 

TECNIFAR uses a set of technologies and security procedures to help protect your personal data from unauthorised access, use or disclosure of information.

For example, we store the personal information that the “visitors” provide to on servers that have restricted access since they are located in controlled access installations.

TECNIFAR adopted the adequate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against its destruction, accidental or illicit, the accidental loss, the change, disclosure or unauthorised access, whereby an adequate level of security has been implemented in relation to the risks that the treatment of your data represents and the nature of the data to be protected. 

Sharing of Personal Data TECNIFAR shall not sell or rent out personal data to third parties whatever the purpose.

Sometimes TECNIFAR uses the services of third parties in the management of its website and for this reason these entities may have, from time to time, access to the information.

TECNIFAR demands from these companies the compliance with the TECNIFAR standards on the protection of personal data and forbids them to use personal data of its users for their marketing objectives.  

In certain special cases, TECNIFAR can disclose your identifiable personal data:

1. When we have reason to believe that the disclosure of the information is necessary to identify, contact or start a judicial procedure against someone that is causing it damage, or, in any way, interferes with the rights, property or operations of TECNIFAR, with other TECNIFAR website users or, any other person that may be harmed by these activities.

2. When we believe that the law obliges us to do so, or in response to any demand from the public authorities relate to a criminal investigation, or civil and administrative authorities related to a pending civil or administrative procedure. Personal information collected on the website can be stored and processed in Portugal or in any other country in which TECNIFAR or its affiliates, subcontractors or agents maintain connections. By using the website, you consent with any transfer of information outside your country of residence.

TECNIFAR ensures that, if the information is transferred outside your country of residence, it shall be handled in accordance with the present statement of privacy.

Links to other websites

This website can provide links to other TECNIFAR websites and third party websites as a service to its users.

The privacy statement does not apply to these websites. Please ensure that you check the legal statement and privacy statement set out on each website to which is linked.

Any changes to this TECNIFAR Internet Privacy Statement shall be communicated immediately on this “page”.   Amendments Occasionally updates to the privacy statement can be made.

TECNIFAR advises to review from time to time the privacy statement to be informed on how we are protecting the personal information that we collect. The continued use of the website constitutes your agreement with the privacy statement and any updates.